3 Steps to Creating a Greywater and Rainwater Combination Irrigation System

7 July 2015
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If you are an urban gardener, you know the importance of proper irrigation. You also know how costly your water can become, especially during hotter or harsher months. With that in mind, you may have thought about using a greywater system or rainwater system. The truth is you can combine both systems with an irrigation option to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce water bills and increase the amount of water to your plants. Here are a few steps to creating this combination system and making it work for your needs.

Sketch Out Your Ideas

The first step is to determine the way you want the water collected and how you want it to flow. Sketching out the design is the ideal option and it will allow you to see if construction may be necessary, if existing pipes and flow lines may be used or if you will need to have a lot of plumbing construction done in order to make your idea come to life. You also can look at the ideal method you want to have the water recycled for the greywater system.

Consider the Greywater Cycle

One thing you will need to take into account is how many times you want to cycle the water through your greywater system and the source for that water. These two considerations could change your sketch or original idea several times. For example, some greywater systems will reuse the laundry water in the toilet to cut down on large amounts of water consumption during flushes. This may not be the ideal option for garden water, especially if you aren't using natural soaps or organic soap options.

Choosing the Professional

You may think choosing a professional is the easiest and most traditional step of this process. The truth is, the importance of this step is vital since you can't just hire a traditional plumber and expect the project to go off seamlessly. Take your time with this step and find someone that is not only skilled in irrigation systems, but also in greywater as well as roof plumbing services and in agriculture plumbing services. By having a specialist that has experience in all these areas, you will have someone that understands where you want to go with your ideas and how to professionally get you there without guesswork.

These are just a few of the steps to creating a greywater and rainwater combination irrigation system. If you have specific questions about irrigation systems, contact a company like Total Water Services to learn more.