Two mistakes that could result in you having to replace your farm's supply of stock feed

28 September 2018
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If you don't want to spend extra time and money replacing your farm's supply of stock feed, it is important to avoid making certain mistakes that could lead to you finding yourself in this predicament. Continue reading to learn what these mistakes are.

Not securing the lids of the storage containers properly

If, like most farmers, you keep your stock feed in storage containers, it's essential to ensure that the lids on these containers are tightly sealed. There are two reasons why you must do this.

Firstly, if the lids are not secure, they may fall off when struck by a strong gust of wind. If this happens, and the storage containers are located outdoors or in an open shed, nearby wildlife (such as possums, squirrels and birds) may end up consuming the stock feed. If you fail to notice and replace the lids immediately, your stock feed in the unsealed containers could be gone in a matter of hours.

Secondly, if it happens to rain heavily after the loose lids have been blown off, the rainwater could fall into the storage containers and saturate the stock feed. This could render the food completely inedible.

As such, it's worth spending just a few extra seconds checking that the lids are secure when you put them back onto the tops of the storage containers.

Leaving your storage containers in an area that receives a lot of strong direct sunlight

If you keep your storage containers in an area of your farm that receives a lot of direct sunlight, you may end up having to replace the stock feed in these containers. The reason for this is as follows; extended periods of exposure to the hot sun could warm up the containers and the stock feed that is kept inside them. This is most likely to happen if the containers are made from metal or plastic, both of which can retain heat very effectively.

This warmth could encourage the growth of fungi and bacteria, which could cause the stock feed to spoil (especially if the weather is also quite humid, as the combination of moisture and warmth would create a perfect environment for microorganisms to breed in).

As such, it is best to keep your storage containers in a shaded area (such as under some trees or inside a shed), as this will minimise the risk of the containers getting too hot.

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