Basics About Different Water Tanks

26 February 2016
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Water tanks come in different, shapes, sizes, and designs. The type of tank you choose depends on your needs, and capacity to buy and keep the tank. If you have a small compound you may opt for some of the latest designs. If you want a tank for your drinking water, beware, not all types of water tanks are fit for you.

Below are some basic dynamics of different types of tanks to help you make the right decision.

Metal Water Tanks

Most metal water tanks are made from either iron or steel. However, most of the metals used are alloys, meaning they are mixed with other metallic materials. Metal tanks have varying prices, but they are quite affordable and can last long if properly managed.

If you prefer a metallic tank choose the ones that have a plastic inner lining. Metal tanks rust easily, which reduces their lifespan and compromises the quality of your water. The inner lining protects them from rusting. Lined metal tanks are a good option for collecting rain water.

Keep in mind, metal water tanks can be damaged easily, so ensure movement of the tank is done carefully and only when necessary.

Plastic Water Tanks

Plastic tanks are quite affordable compared to the other types of water tanks available. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for these tanks. Plastic water tanks are ideal for storing water for farming and home use, other than drinking.

Plastic is not the safest material for your drinking water. Dawn News reports that plastic releases harmful toxins when exposed to UV rays from the sun. Consider using a poly tank to store your drinking water.

Poly Water Tank

Poly tanks are made from polyethylene material, which is used as the better option to plastic. Poly tanks are resistant to UV rays, meaning unlike plastic tanks, these tanks are not damaged by sunlight. Sunlight weakens plastic and reduces its lifespan, but poly tanks are not prone to this damage.

You can use a poly tank to store water for home use, drinking, and, gardening. Poly tanks are also ideal for rooftops or raised platforms because they are durable and light-weight.

Slimline Water Tanks

If you have limited space at home, in your backyard, or at the office, then slimline tanks are the tanks for you. Slimline water tanks have thin walls and are mainly made from poly material, similar to poly water tanks. The tanks are designed to occupy minimal space on the ground, as well as in length and width.

The tanks come in different shapes, meaning they can be designed to fit in almost all manner of corners in your house or office. The tanks are also low-weight, very durable, and come in different sizes.

Read the facts about water tanks to help you get a water tank that perfectly fits your needs.