Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about Lawn Mower Handling

25 May 2016
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The lawn mower is probably the most frequently-used outdoor power equipment in a homeowner's garage. With proper care and maintenance, your lawn mower can serve you for a long time. This will save you money in costly repairs, equipment inefficiencies and premature failures among other problems. Below are frequently asked questions about mower-handling. What safety precautions should I bear in mind when handling the mower? Like other machinery, lawn mowers must be carefully handled to prevent damage to parts and injury to persons and pets. Read More 

Basics About Different Water Tanks

26 February 2016
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Water tanks come in different, shapes, sizes, and designs. The type of tank you choose depends on your needs, and capacity to buy and keep the tank. If you have a small compound you may opt for some of the latest designs. If you want a tank for your drinking water, beware, not all types of water tanks are fit for you. Below are some basic dynamics of different types of tanks to help you make the right decision. Read More