Top 4 Fencing Options For Pet Households

21 August 2015
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If you have pets in your home, e.g. dogs or cats, then you have to consider their welfare when choosing a fencing option. Your fence should safeguard them without posing any risk to their well being. With that in mind, several picks rank highly when it comes to choosing the ideal fence for homes with pets. Read on to see what these fence types are.

Metal sheet fencing

Metal sheets are ideal for pet households because their panels offer 100% privacy to the pets. They also ensure outsiders and outside activities do not disrupt the normalcy of the pets. Metal sheet fencing also protect the pets from harsh weather elements such as sun and strong winds. Last but not least, a metal sheet fence works well at keeping pets from going over your fence. Consisting of  flat smooth panels, your pets cannot climb or jump over sheet fencing, and intruding pets cannot get into your premises either. 

Stone/brick fencing

Another ideal fence type for pets is that made of stone, bricks or cinder blocks. Just like metal sheet fencing , stone and brick fencing provides a formidable barrier that keeps your pets within your outdoor space while keeping foreign pets and intruders out. Stone and brick fences are also opaque, which means your pets will not be bothered by events going on outside, e.g. passersby or other pets.

Metal bar fencing

Metal bar fencing , commonly made of steel or aluminium, is also a great way to fence a home with pets. When using vertically-erected bars, your pets will not be in a position to climb over the fence and escape outside. However, they will be in a position to see outside and enjoy maximum light within the yard. As a result, a metal bar fence is great for back gardens where there are minimal disruptions from external activities.

Timber fencing

Last but not least, you can also install a timber fence if you have pets in your home. With timber, you have the flexibility to install different fence designs. For example, you can install slats (spaced, fixed sliding) or you can install palings. Either way, your pets will be well protected behind the fence, and they will not be in a position to go over the fence easily. You can install your fence without gaps for maximum privacy, or vice versa if you want your pets to enjoy some outside views.

Notably, some of the fences that have been left out of this list include pickets fences, post and rail and wire fences. Although not bad choices, these fences are not ideal at containing pets in the garden and are likely to expose them to other people and pets.

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